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She is your shadow side, and is always there. She is the emotional reason behind all action, she is dark impulse. I mean just look at the connections! She is part of the Amor Family Love and is a Mars crosser Action, Rage and has strong connections to Pluto Soul-churning passion, overwhelming emotion, crossing the line ; She guards Kronos aka Saturn [Achievement, Power] and keeps him under control but uses him for her own ends.

Truly, she is a goddess that deserves her own book series, movie and tv show, not just one sentence, if that. To find out where she shows up in your chart, go to astro. Under that is a blank space where you can enter the number , for Nyx. Once you have it entered, generate the chart!

Where does Nyx affect your life? Let us know in the comments below! Mmmm… firstly a powerful healer behind the scenes 6th House Nyx , powerful healer of the home and emotions House in Cancer. Daily working with abstract and higher spiritual concepts inwardly in a totally unorthodox way to the norm 9th house, retro Uranus. Able to effect radical catalyzing deep emotional healing in a Spiritual Divine Feminine way upon the masculine Aries Juno — relation to power, marrying the masculine.

But I need to be very careful while operating in this way so as to not,in any overt or acknowledged way, in exercising that powerful nature, outwardly challenge the power of the masculine through that process Nyx squaring Juno in Aries.

Asteroid Files: Nyx

It must be subtly in the background, very much about going with the flow, communicated subtly 3rd house, North node Pisces , trusting my intrinsic catalyzing nature, otherwise the healing will be blocked and negated at the deepest levels inside the masculine and in the family home. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Asteroid Files Astrology Occult. Mercury in Scorpio- The Rack. New Moon in Scorpio- Necropolis. One Comment Shane Keys says: In another tale, she was a voracious women who challenged Herakles.

For this reason Zeus cast her into the Sea with the blow of his thunderbolt. According to Hesykhios, this verb was invented by Pherekydes to describe those who were glutinous or on the other side, women who would not be taken down and destroyed by the patriarch and men.

Jealousy or people jealous of you, especially acts driven by jealousy that end poorly, tattle-tale, a gossip and closure or letting go of a relationship because the jealousy is not healed. Desperate, senseless romances, being in love but being ignored and rejected. Klytia is in love with Apollo the previous Helios, the Sun God , but he had another lover.

As an asteroid this is the placement where rejection is at its worse when it comes to love and relationships. Its also the place to heal and become whole again. Lameia had affairs with Zeus and had many children with him. Hera killed all of her children as a punishment. She became overcome with grief, unable to sleep because of her own shadows.

This is the trickster who has no mirrors of morality or finds great fear of their truth. When dealing with courts, judges, business transactions and mergers, this would be a negative aspect. I would suggest the person who struggles with this asteroid that is prominantly place, give up all pot, alcohol, drugs and medications to begin the long journey to the root of the depression and sadness and find some balance or coming to terms with it.

Many times karma of despression is a thirty year journey, but only if its karma, for others it will be much shorter of a period.

But chronic illnesses are always our own past karma and how we burn it off. This can be in dating, a marriage, a divorce that has no closure etc. The asteroid and archetype can go from light to severe, in the ways of the sex addict, rape, friendly rape that is masked by the trickster, drug rape and arenas of both spiritual sex and committed relationship sex.

Usually lust is combined with a drug, pot, shamanic plant addiction and then the person checks out to not even be clear enough to recognize that this addiction has gotten out of hand. Lust is an energy of sexual abuse as children unless its drug abuse driven and will be present in adults until they get sober or begin to work with therapy of abusive woundedness in their childhood or teenage years and even their twenties.

I have worked with quite a few people who fall under the Lust archetype, some have success if they go sober and some do not. The women of Greece, led by Lysistrata, led a protest of sexual abstinence against all men until they stopped the perpetual wars. When badly afflicted, Lysistrata can talk about someone that uses sex as a tool of manipulation or power.

The Dark Moon Goddess of retribution and punishment for doing evil, are called many names, some of them are the Libyan Medusa or Semitic Lilith who were once powerful and just Goddesses, but both turned into monsters by Classical Greek and Hebrew mythology, respectively.

Pre-monster Medusa, like all wise Grandmother power, is the power of Death, Transformation and Rebirth. The final judge over life and death of those who go against nature. As an asteroid, she is where we suffer from our karma or attacked by powerful men. She is one of the oldest archaic parts of our self.

As an asteroid, she rules our karma and shadow, that repressed shadow Self that we are so unaware of, but all our struggles its mirrors are all right before us. She along with Hekate is Queen of the Women who never forgot their power and even died for it, such as the witches.

Medusa is death itself and in our living life she is transformation of struggle. This is the archetype of secrets, suppressed shadow and taboos. Medusa is the not-so-very-nice side of ourselves and can bring violence into our personal space. She can erupt violently to destroy or construct walls and purge our denied truths, so we are reborn. She is the grandmother stages of power.

She was of divine descent and had the gift of prophecy.

As an asteroid its a fullness of a life, she heals, she kills, she is betrayed, she betrays. Family issues are around betraying the father for the lover-husband and then the lover husband betraying her.

Conspiring, Revenge, Abandonment, Betrayal, the heavy forces of life and its shadows. Using magick in a negative way for self satisfaction and the karmic restitution. In this guise she was portrayed holding a tragic mask and club or sword, and sometimes wearing a wreath of ivy and cothurnus boots.

This asteroid point to the area in which you are to heal your grief, loss and mourning by finding joy through dance and song to heal your soul. Next to any of the love asteroids Amor, Eros, Psyche this can make for disastrous or painful love affairs, and can even indicate death or loss of a partner.

Memory, Mother and Moon are all aspects of remembrance and where we were separated from our mothers at birth. Asteroid words for memory is forgetfulness, detachment, cold hearted, disoriented, emotional pain, flashbacks, woundedness within perception. Issues and pain that revolve around the pain. Its pretty much the worst and deadliest asteroid there is.

Moros is the offspring of Nyx, the primordial goddess of the nothingness creation, the Night and therefore the brother of the Moirai, or the Fates, who control destiny. Moros represents the physical aspects of death, violent death and terminal sickness, while Thanatos represented a peaceful passing away and rebirths.

Moros in mythology, in Prometheus Bound, the Titan myth, suggests that he gave humanity the Spirit of Elpis see above this asteroid , in order to help them ignore the inevitability of Moros. The Moire are the equals of Moros and Moroso.

One must walk through the fire to complete the tasks and often suffering is the lifetime and affliction. Moira, Marzanna, Morena are all the names of this Dark Goddess who chooses women as initiates to make them powerful but first they must be completely destroyed.

Shaman women or medicine women can often have a strong asteroid in a position of the nodes or in the karmic houses of the 12th and the 6th, the 8th or on Saturn, Moon or Uranus.

She rules the sisterhood and this can be quite painful for maidens and younger women who have the fairytale dreams, but as the woman gains control in her adulthood by such fate, her purpose begins to be reveals as the pain has brought her wisdom.

Still there is much sorrow on the quest of the spiritual warrioress or spiritual hermitess. The meaning of death and termination.

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Atropos as a theme has a relationship to bring endings of all kinds: Learning to let go is one of the greatest healing if Atropos is conjunct your sun or moon. Its valuable, aromatic gum resin was harvested and burnt as an incense in ancient religious shrines.

Sacred to Aphrodite festal myrrh incense. Smyrna or Myrrha was a Cyprian, Lebanese or Assyrian princess whose mother dared to compare her in beauty to the goddess Aphrodite. This offended Aphrodite causing the girl to fall in love with her own father as punishment.

When the King discovered his daughter had seduced him in disguise, he pursued her with an axe, but the goddess mercifully intervened by transforming Smyrna into a Myrrh tree. This asteroid can indicate early issues between mothers and daughters that plays out later in the daughters life.

On the darker side it can show were incest, sexual abuse. Family sexual abuses from generation to generation. Resentments, revenge and abuses of trust.

Self importance, self loathing, selfishness, self involved or self concerned with no one, but the self. Some say, Artemis was merciful, and spared the youngest daughter.

This asteroid rules grief, sorrow and loss within the family in regards to being a parent or the child. Astrologically, Niobe also represents undue pride and the fall from grace which often accompanies this.

Personal self-importance, arrogance or conceit has been established from great pains as a child. Often humbling experiences will accrue, granting enhanced perspective or teaching important lessons in life.

Nemesis is the asteroid archetype of the enemy and the open enemy, downfall and revenge.

Its also the wrath of religious judgment of religious peoples dark sides. This is where doubt settles in, in friendships, marriages, co-worker relationships.

So doubt and self doubt is also part of this asteroid. She hides away in the forest out of shame and is turned into an owl by Athena. Nyctimene in a birth chart closely aspecting the Luminaries or other important planets can show shame issues, incest, rape, and abuse by the father or father figure.

Father daughter issues in this life and past life issues that can play out with the lover or spouse. Pandora was the original woman, fashioned out of water and earth, and of course, everything wrong with humanity is her fault and blamed on Pandora. As an asteroid she falls under karma, being blamed, consequences, rebelliousness, troublemaker.

Persephone is well-known for her beauty but constantly refused her marriage proposals to stay as a companion to her family and her mother. One day Persephone is out picking flowers when the God of the Underworld Pluto aka Hades kidnaps her; he makes her the Queen of the Underworld. This is also similar to Dionysus and his cult who persuaded young maidens to leave the sacred temples of the grandmothers and adult women and lure them with alcohol, sex and drugs.

Confused and then rebellious, he finally broke the most ancient unbreakable sacred mysteries of women. Persephone falls under the same rape.

Issues caused within this asteroid are loss of a parent too young or separation, food addictions such as anorexia, relationships with partners that are dark or evil. Phaethon is the son of the Sun God, Helios. He asked his father if he could drive the chariot of the sun — but when he took the reins things span out of control rather quickly. The Sun chariot ended up scorching Africa, accounting for its desert areas; eventually, Zeus struck him off the chariot to save the world and Phaethon.

This in basic terms can be a power struggle in a son and father or authority type of figurehead and the battles that ensue because of it, even if they are not really that real. Phaethon in his chart sits at 22 degrees Pisces, which my Pisces Moon in the forth house of home and family, is at 23 degrees.

On the positive side, it helped me believe as a mother in my own groundedness and common sense, my stability and hard work, which he constantly denied existed. So for him he used Phaethon as an escape to his own dangerous behavior and projected it onto me emotionally moon.

When you read these asteroids, try to think of your most difficult relationship and your part in them and your most difficult aspect of relationships. That will help you get a better look at yourself and others. Sometimes because of our karma, we have to accept our fears of change around things that frighten us, and sometimes we have to live the duration of the fear as a karmic dept until the time has ended and then we can begin to heal.

Prey is the victim perpetrator archetype and we have a few of those here on this list. The asteroid is where you prey upon others or things in life and where you are preyed upon from simple to severe and sometimes even death if things like Sado is in a bad position with a Prey asteroid.

Nyx - Wikipedia

If Sado is opposite Saturn, Mars or the Moon, it can show sadistic family abuses towards the children, and when the child is grown they either never feel safe, or can repeat self inflicting pain onto themselves or hurting others.

It can also be as simple as a basic Scorpio trait of an intense massage where the pain gives some release, outside the context of good and evil. We learn by our caregivers and parents at our earliest stages in life which is generally unfortunate they that are going through their midlife crisis, when we are between ten and twenty and dealing with some intense issues of their own.

Some children grow up with the same behaviors and cannot break these cycles while others take the punishment of life and fate, find themselves and begin to heal.

Either way its a very difficult Asteroid to work with in our chart or a clients chart. Asteroid Sado has nothing to do with being a pessimist or negative when trying to describe your life of woundedness.

This asteroid has led to mental illness, depression, suicide and emotional or soul sicknesses in people who have it or is effected by it because its Sadism. Even the culture has allowed sadists to rule the movie industry, music and its demonic effects of corruption that violence is acceptable and not something shared in order to heal.

Is the person who has it all bad? No, everyone has their positive and negative sides from simple to extreme, its how we work with this, that makes all the difference once we recognize the sickness and put our lives into action to heal and have appropriate boundaries. All serial killers have been Virgo, Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius and that is a fact hard to accept, but the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses are two way doors and one can get lost both in their past life karma and their incarnated life, and that is where Schizophrenia and Sadists live in both worlds.

To understand the archetypal stories and how our lives fit, is one of the stories of Salome who was the daughter of Queen Herodias and stepdaughter of King Herod Antipas, ruler of Galilee in Palestine. Her infamous history comes from causing St. This is when Religious men began to meddle in Pagan and Goddess affairs and had no rights to do so.

King Herod imprisons John, but feared the after effect of having a well-known prophet killed. As an asteroid and on one side of Salome she is portrayed as the seductress and a femme fatale, a women who used her abilities natural sexuality to get what she wishes for but in her case, it was her Mothers wish not her.

So its about being manipulated by family to go against your own soul and then having to live with that consequence. She also was demeaned by becoming a sexual object that was used by the family more specifically by her mother as a tool to grant her objectives.

These myths when transforming them into symbolism is about the corruption of a young maiden and her fertility rites which are shadowed by corrupt people. Ishtar just like Persephone enters the underworld and on her journey removes a layer of clothing or jewelry each time she passes through one of the seven gates into the underworld.

This asteroid is about rights of passage that are necessary in life but we would never chose them, they are about the sexual powers of the feminine and their misuses but become a great learning as the woman matures.

Another asteroid expression is being influenced by negative people into doing things you would have never done without them. He was punished for his self-aggrandizing craftiness and deceitfulness by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill only for it to roll down when it nears the top, repeating this action for eternity.

Through the classical influence on modern culture, tasks that are both laborious and futile are therefore described as Sisyphean. In asteroid work, this is the character of the Heyoka, Coyote, Trickster, Magician and Sorcerer who do not do their own personal healing and shadow healing work and want only the power of magic without its personal, moral and emotional responsibilities.

And because of this, he or she must suffer with…. Unending suffering and struggles and being forced to do the same thing over and over. Draining monotony or stuck in a vicious cycle of rebuilding or destruct. It is a karmic signature in the Astrological chart and when one learns to surrender to the pain and task one can slowly heal within the confines of the tasks at hand.

Because Sisyphus was the son of King Aeolus of Thessaly and Enarete, and the father of Glaucus, Ornytion, Almus, and Thersander by the nymph Merope, the brother of Salmoneus, and the grandfather of Bellerophon through Glaucus it can also be said it means entitlement issues must be punished.

Not even the rich or famous can avoid suffering if Sisyphus is present in their chart.

The celestial was an Egyptian symbol and ancient legend. She rules the secrets of our past and our past lives, both positive and negative. She holds our secrets, the unconscious or hidden aspects that are not revealed until we go through an initiation of suffering.

Then when we pass these tests, some mystical or mysteries are experienced in a deeper way. He both corrupted is own nature and his wife Hillary and it changed both their lives for the more negative aspects. The Sphinx as an asteroid also represents the dark nature or evil sides of the Ancient Brotherhood of the Sphinx which is what they call the Illuminati today.

A pure destruction of peoples souls as children through the rape and enslavement of children both in dreams and in society. The secret nature of our soul reveals all that we too were all a part of this destruction of the soul and the feminine and now we must heal to receive back our mystery through honoring women, the feminine and mother earth.

A Christian martyr of the 3rd Century. According to her legend, she was an deaconess of the Church. Tatiana was then blinded and fed to hungry lions by the enraged Romans.

In Russia, Belarus and Ukraine she is the saint of students. This asteroid emphasize the martyr, or martyr consciousness, the blinded who chooses to follow a path regardless of its consequences, the loss of eyesight loss of the soul.

It also includes shame of unrequited love, yet later become vindicated. The myth of Tantalus is about the stolen ambrosia from Mount Olympus and taking it down to humans much like what Dionysus did and why he was hated. As punishment, he was kept in a pool of water with branches of fruit above him.

Whenever he was thirsty and tried to drink the water, it would evade him; when he felt hungry and reached for a piece of fruit, the branches would lift out of reach.

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Phoenix is a professional astrologer who helps counsel through her Folk Healing and Shaman Healing practice. If you would be intersted in working with her, please write Eldermountiandreaming gmail.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Change is always the medicine of healthy behavioral changes and modifications — which we practice and apply to overcome our sickness and pain and even karmic pain for some and this leads to… GROWTH PHASES There are asteroid equivalents to youth, adult and elder when we speak about mythology.

So here we go….

Who are the Asteroids Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno & Vesta in Astrology

So in an symbolic form, its men who use women or the masagenistic older man. Elpis was depicted as a maiden who carries flowers in her arms. Asteroid issues arise with Elpis because she is surrounded by people who are doomed, or have dark issues and she needs to escape.

It is when one suffers situations that cause hopelessness and eventually finds a way out. This asteroid rules depression, being misused by others and losing trust or hope.

Also women who are cast out of society for being as brave, strong and intelligent as men and go into isolation until they find their sisterhood of support. And because of this, he or she must suffer with… Unending suffering and struggles and being forced to do the same thing over and over.

Skepticus means skeptical, skepticism, doubting or discerning.