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This may result in a conflict between who you are and who others want you to be. Go with your gut. In going with the flow and embracing new plans can be great. Expect the unexpected and get beyond the disappointment that may come up today. There is nothing good nor bad but thinking makes it so.

If you have been feeling a bit rootless, you may find that a home base is something that is more important to you than you initially thought. Spending time in your home, making it a place you love, can make you feel much more anchored and at peace in your life.

This is a day where you might be getting secrets from friends, coworkers, or even a partner. Think before you speak today, Aquarius, and think two or three times before you write anything down.

You have a tendency to take things personally. Today, go with the flow and give others the benefit of the doubt. A Leo born August 1, symbolized by the Lion, is a lovable person with a somewhat haughty personality. August 1 natives are known for creating interesting and fulfilling relationships. Learn about August 1 birthday astrology. A Leo born August 2, symbolized by the Lion, is an interesting person with an edgy personality.

Learn more about August 2 birthday astrology. A Leo born on August 4 is symbolized by the Lion and has an engaging personality, which is highly attractive. Learn about August 4 birthday astrology.

A Leo born August 5, symbolized by the Lion, is witty and intelligent, with a flair for good conversation. Learn about August 5 birthday astrology. A Leo born on August 6 is symbolized by the Lion and has a pleasant, good-tempered personality.

Learn more about August 6 birthday astrology. A Leo born August 18, symbolized by the Lion, has great mental and physical endurance. Learn about August 18 birthday astrology. A Leo born August 19, symbolized by the Lion, has charisma and intelligence.

Learn about August 19 birthday astrology. A Leo born August 20, symbolized by the Lion, is sensitive, sweet, and has a talent for making friends. Learn about August 20 birthday astrology.

A Leo born August 21, symbolized by the Lion, is jovial and friendly and has an entrepreneurial spirit. Learn about August 21 birthday astrology. A Leo born August 22, symbolized by the Lion, has good looks, personal charm, and plenty of class.

Learn about August 22 birthday astrology. A Virgo born August 23, symbolized by the Scales, has a mercurial, kinetic charm and a graceful bearing. They are guileless, nice individuals.

Learn about August 23 birthday astrology. A Virgo born August 24, symbolized by the Scales, is known for manners, a good disposition, generosity, and discriminating taste. Learn about August 24 birthday astrology. A Virgo born August 25, symbolized by the Scales, is intelligent, hard working. They are not afraid to accept challeges and are likely to be successful.

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Lucky color

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Aquarius Personality: January 20 - February 18

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January Birthdays | HowStuffWorks

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January 27 Zodiac

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