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In professions such as nursing and social care, they would also be great professionals as long as they master their protective instinct. They would also excel in teaching, advocacy and as firefighters. The Dog does not present excessive health problems except those related to nerves, which seem to appear at any time, especially if you do not enjoy a stable home.

Year of the Brown Earth Dog - few advices | James Noel Astrologue

They hardly ever have serious illnesses, and even older people appear less years than they have. Dogs are lucky not to. Dogs love open spaces. The camp relaxes them a lot, and they are able to walk for hours.

They are attracted to remote and wild places, so they often spend their holidays in wild and sparsely populated regions. For those born from: February 10, to January 29, Metal Dog January 28, to February 15, Water Dog February 14, to February 3, Wood Dog February 2, to January 21, Dog of Fire February 18, to February 7, Dog of Earth February 6, to January 26, Metal Dog January 25, to February 12, Water Dog 10 February to 30 January Wood Dog January 29, through February 17, If you are Metal Dog, you are very rigid and severe in your judgments and you can dedicate your whole life to a cause.

Highly disciplined, you impose on yourself tasks that you must fulfill at all costs. It is not easy to convince yourself when you have already laid out your plan of action.

Dog Year Dates

If you are a Water Dog, your level of intuition is very high and you achieve your goals by following your nose. You are more open than others in your relationships with other people and you know exactly when to withdraw on time.

If you are a Wood Dog, you are the most charming of the Dogs.

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You subjugate everyone with your presence, inspire confidence and security. You are popular and socially accepted by all for your good character, optimism and positive disposition at all times. If you are a Dog of Fire, you have a strong tendency to exaggeration and drama and to do things in a big way.

Your spirit is very independent and your proverbial value. You are creative and original, but at the same time you can be very imposing and dominant. If you are a Dog of Earth, you are the most impartial and fair of all, an effective and conscious thinker whose advice is highly appreciated. Your perceptions are deep and you immediately perceive the feelings of others and you can enter into the hearts in a direct and unambiguous way.

With a Rat, there is mutual respect, they can work to obtain common solutions and solve difficult problems. In love there is compatibility and many desires to calmly resolve the differences.

In the labor aspect there will be cooperation and understanding. With an Ox, it is not the best relationship because the interests collide, there are personal conflicts and also struggles for power.

In general, they do not get along.

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They could get to work together on a task. But once finished, they would avoid meeting again. In love compatibility is very difficult. With a Tiger, it is the type of excellent combination.

Year of the Brown Earth Dog 2018 – few advices

They will achieve success in business and good communication in love. Interests tend to be common and differences of opinion are resolved in a harmonious and creative way without major consequences.

With a Rabbit, there is mutual respect and trust. They admire and need to achieve their goals. Both can work together all their lives and also have a happy and very happy love relationship. The interests are shared and the needs are satisfied in the same way. Precision measurement and process control. Position and motion control.

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