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January 14 Capricorn Personality
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They have a way of wearing down even the most formidable opponent. People born on this day have legendary tenacity. They can just hang on even though everybody else seems to have given up. They are also very practical, so you can bet that they select their battles strategically.

January 14 Birthday Horoscope

They know how to fight the right battles. With that said, it really should not be surprising that they are quite passionate about their goals. Indeed, they often lead by example. People just look at them and they can draw a tremendous amount of confidence and security.

While your tenacity can reach legendary proportions, you might want to hold back and be very selective regarding your tenacity. What I mean by this is that you need to take extra care regarding the issues that you choose to be tenacious about.

Unfortunately, you would rather be right than happy. It tends to stick to one place until the seasons come. Unfortunately, if you are operating with the wrong premises, you end up with the wrong conclusions. Saturn is the governing planet of Capricorns born on January In this particular aspect of Saturn, your personality tends to focus on restrictions.

It turns out that you can end up achieving more victories with your life if you would simply let go more often.

You can be wrong about something that was wrong in the past, and you can bet that you will continue to be wrong in the future. Gray is not only cool and calm, it also blends with many different colors.

It actually brings to life its complementary colors. Believe it or not, hanging on to something despite the fact that most people think is wrong is not a sign of strength.

Indeed, it makes you look very weak. You surround yourself with comforting yet limiting beliefs and this prevents you from living your life to its highest potential. You were put on this planet to achieve great things and great victories.

January 14 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

The first step to doing that is to let go of things that hold you down. Username or Email Address. However, at times they can be a little obsessed and may also feel a little insecure. However, if they can get rid of their insecurities they can achieve wonders. Health January 14th born often tend to overlook their health.

However, they are seldom attracted to drinking or smoking habits, which plays a great role in their physical well-being. However, they are susceptible to stress-related disorders and thus suffer from headaches and insomnia.

Though they are extremely passionate towards extreme sports, it is advisable for them to take part in light exercises such as swimming and cycling.

Hence, they often find it difficult to maintain a financial balance in their personal life. Career As these individuals are blessed with great observational and creative skills, photography and writing is a great career option for them.

They may also pursue career in property development and design. But, owing to their extraordinary dedication, they thrive in any field they chose. They look for someone with equal intellect and same interests and are very respectful towards their partners. As parents, they tend to inculcate a taste for adventure in their children and encourage them to form hobbies.

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January 14 Birthday Horoscope

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