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Solar Eclipse February 2018 By Decan
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Let's break down some barriers. Water-bearers are attuned to the collective unlike any other sign. Directly opposing Leo, you had the premier vantage point for the stark revelations that set the stage for February, just like you saw through the bullshit of the Solar Eclipse last summer.

With Jupiter sitting pretty in your house of occupations, many of those reverberated truths are tied to your true calling. Whatever was brought to light below the dark side of the Moon, prepare for a succession of gauntlets thrown before your life's work by your inner life.

Venus challenges Jupiter as she makes her final lap in Aquarius on the 4th, forcing tough choices between her creature comforts and the expansion of your vocation.

The Sun follows suit on the 10th, with your honest ego needs challenging your burgeoning reputation.

Astrology: Month of February, - Astrology 4 - Heroine

Make these difficult decisions and stick to them, because the Aquarian Solar Eclipse on the 15th will make tuning into your values tricky amidst the din of the material realm. You feel compelled to travel undiscovered realms, real places and destinations we can only see with our third eyes.

But as Pisces season closes in, you best stay wary of the secret, subconscious locales you tend to soak inside for safety. Past traumas and final fantasies are all set to sting your insecurities regarding your budding explorations in the first weeks of February.

New Moon Solar eclipse effect on All Zodiac signs

On the 4th, it'll be Venus rushing random romantic memories against your urge to expand. Then, on the 10th, with relationships shoved to the forefront of your thoughts, the Sun attacks Jupiter and undermines your self-esteem regarding your far-reaching dreams and ambitions.

Don't let stupid planetary progressions stand in the way of soul-seeking. By the time the 21st rolls around, your rich imagination will be reinvigorated by Venus' potent conjunction with Neptune at the heart of your sign.

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If you allow yourself the space and permission to dream big, this could be a killer day for brainstorming your upcoming quests or artistic aspirations. The crazy collision of transits on the 25th demands you take action and instigate instead of waiting in the wings while other animals choose your fate.

Mercury slides by Neptune, defogging the glass shielding your dreams, while Venus and Mars come to a head the same day, making it clear that we must balance yin and yang to actually manifest those ideations. What a wonderful way to kick off a year in which your shit is about to get really real, as Saturn rips through your house of professions and prestige with the sadistic slow pace of a sticky Band-Aid.

Watch out for the less-friendly partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th, as your relationships with friends and coworkers are ripe for meaningless miscommunications and drama distracting you from your renewed drive. You can set things straight on the 17th, when the Sun joins Mercury in your house of groups and cliques to shine light on any lies, and Mars challenges the ever-elusive fantasy planet Neptune with the actual facts.

With Pisces season settling in, watery and wishy-washy transits abound at the end of the month. Confusing communications abound on the 25th and the 28th, with Mercury sloshing through the swamp of your house of secrets.

Remind yourself often that the lessons that Saturn is hammering into your head are all about self-discipline; stick to it despite how daunting and distant your goals can feel. Your ruler, Venus, dangles promises over your house of careers, and Jupiter tempts and tantalizes from your house of romance.

Indulge that optimism and take a break from your comfort zone. But balance this eager optimism with a sense of caution and self-preservation.

These fresh opportunities will be fun and exciting, but they might not be your forever-lover or dream job.

Solar Eclipse February 2018 ~ Under Swan Wings

Dabble around instead of diving in. The days around the 21st are perfect to putter around and party it up, with Venus cuddling up to Jupiter in your house of friends and socializing. Time to take a deep breath and allow these awkward parts to settle. After weeks of input, the 25th provides clues as to how to figure out the output part.

Solar Eclipse February 2018 Astrology

The planets plowing through your house of professions—Mercury, Venus, and the Sun—are all activated that same day. Mercury combines with Neptune to kindle rare clarity on your next course of action, Venus squares Mars to ignite your deep-seated drives, and the Sun beams over sulky Saturn with the reminder that the work to channel your shadow side is worthwhile.

Continue to pull back as the month comes to a close, especially on the 28th when your ruler is triggered by Mars and Pluto on the same day. On top of all that, it occurred on the back of the crab in the actual astronomical Cancer constellation. This is a no-kidding, intensely emotional window of time. This solar eclipse February brings to a head the themes I mentioned in the February Astrology report.

The yod is like the finger of God pointing at you. So whatever you think is a higher power, you should feel pretty inspired by during the period leading up to the Solar Eclipse and then after. Themes are relationships with Venus being involved and Saturn for stability or commitment. It is pointing towards a traditional connection with Ceres.

Or a fling that will affect you negatively in the future? The Yod effect continues to February 17th when Ceres moves on to Praesaepe for about four days. We will have to be careful of ultra-collectivist thinking too.

Some people are comfortable with that sort of collectivity while others are more individualistic. However, the more one is under threat, the more people are likely to band together and cling to their family groups.

Moon conjunct Mercury can be very naughty or very nice, this is the trickster we are talking about after all.

Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse February 2018

At best, the combination of logic and intuition gives great common sense. This is a shape-shifting combo with rapid mood swings. A whimsical thought process will prevail. This aspect finds it hard to get to the point, but is very smart at observing the small details of everyday life.

The Moon does a great job of adding empathy and soften the tendency to Nerd-out…. The archetype has the feel of the magician about it. Thoughts are things we could conjure themselves up a beautiful community arrangement if we focus on our dreams for long enough.

There is an element of disguise with the February solar eclipse, it could be about selling your soul to the devil or deciding to work behind the scenes incognito.

The Swan makes a perfectly benign, feathery white costume from which you can work your magic under. Even the aspect of this eclipse has trickery involved due to Mercury being featured. There is also Mars square Neptune which ads more elements of deception and seduction.

Watch out for the false gurus and fake celebrities in the mainstream media. Some mundane astrology now. With the solar eclipse being visible in South America, this could bring up the issues of drug smuggling from Mexico.

There is apparently an opiate epidemic in the USA currently and this is by design. I bring Sweden up as there have been rumblings of a possible civil war there due to many refugee centers being burnt down and a build-up of no-go zones that are unsafe even for the police to enter. I already covered Sweden in a past YouTube video, but it now seems the normally chilled Swedes have turned Viking.

But when in doubt, blame those pesky Russians. Sweden then, is a very good example of some white swan cover-ups over some very dark agendas.

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In the YouTube video version, I plan to look into more national charts and research Sweden to see what is really going on. Until then, keep an eye out for any deceptively romantic birds. For if the Swan clamps you with its beak, those elegant long necks can break the arm of a small child. Goodbye and best of luck to you.