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This is often a match made in Heaven! Although the Scorpio woman and Cancer man have very different personalities, they complement each other well. The jealous nature of the Scorpion would be soothed by the Crab's total devotion, and both would seek to establish a harmonious family and home.

The Archer and the Crab are seldom compatible. A Sagittarius woman is a reckless daredevil who thrives on adventure, while Cancer is a careful, cautious homebody. Also, many Archers are incredibly blunt, which will hurt the Crab's feelings.

Sagittarius will likely feel suffocated by Cancer's emotional needs, and there will be lots of arguments over the archer's spending habits. This is an "iffy" relationship, at best.

While Cancer will love the security and stability that the Capricorn woman will provide, the Crab will hate Capricorn's seeming lack of emotion.

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The Goat will often think that the Crab isn't ambitious enough for her. Practical Capricorn will also have a hard time with Cancer's mood swings. This is not a good match. Cancer is much too clingy for the aloof Aquarius woman , and the two share few of the same life goals.

Cancer Woman

While the Crab is ruled by emotion, the Water-bearer is ruled by intellect. The Water-bearer's need for adventure often frightens the cautious Crab, while she finds the Cancerian man dull and boring. This match is usually very good for both partners.

Both signs are emotional and compassionate, so they'll understand each other and there should be few clashes. The Pisces woman is generally upbeat, so The Fish will provide positive juxtaposition to Cancer's moodiness and will often be able to predict her partner's mood swings with amazing accuracy.

When it comes to love, dealing with a Cancer man is tricky. The Crab will often retreat into that hard shell of his any time he feels threatened. And once that happens, it's difficult to coax him back out into the open. You'll need some professional help with this one! One of the staunchest allies you can have in finding love is a gifted psychic.

A psychic can provide you with all sorts of knowledge about the Cancer man that you might never discover on your own. She can read both of your charts and offer an amazing array of tips and advice. This knowledge far surpasses anything you might find in a hundred books, because it's specifically tailored to you and your Cancerian love interest.

It's highly customized and takes factors other than just your birth dates into account. Consulting a psychic is easy! All you have to do is pick up the phone. Your information is kept private, and your psychic will have your best interests at heart.

She'll be an invaluable ally in the game of love. Finding and Keeping a Cancer Man If you're interested in meeting a Cancer guy, frequent places that attract him.

Earth and Water: Giving Form

Gemini May 21 — June 21 The Gemini woman is far too logical for emotional Cancer, and the Twin's independent nature would threaten the Crab's need for stability. Cancer's watery nature works especially well with other water signs when it comes to relationships. There's an immediate understanding between the two of you. It's almost as though you can read each other's mind because you're so much alike.

Finding and Keeping a Cancer Man

You'll feel this is a match made in zodiac heaven, and it will be for a while. Whether this is more than the first rush of new love or if it's a lifetime love affair depends on other aspects of your natal charts.

Too much of the same thing can breed malcontent in your relationship. You need a few differences to keep things hot and spicy. This pairing has the potential to be one of the best matches between signs. Cancer can be a bit too emotional and even clingy for Scorpio.

If Scorpio can recognize the reason behind Cancer's jealousy and neediness is a fear of loss, this can help the crab overcome feelings of insecurity. A little reassurance will go a very long way toward helping Cancer not feel so out of water.

Just don't let the crab retreat to the protection of his shell, or Scorpio will have a difficult job getting him to come back out and talk. Scorpio should be mindful of that stinging tongue that can sometimes turn on poor unsuspecting Cancer. If both these signs can get over their hard-shell attitudes, they'll discover a very rewarding and fulfilling relationship.

The emotions of both of these signs run deep. Not every zodiac sign is up to the task of weathering the crying jags and pouting sessions Cancer is known to give at the drop of a hat. That's not to say that Cancer is fickle. That is why you should let her be for a few days. Buy her presents with the emotional value. A custom piece of jewelry would be nice, maybe even an engraved necklace.

She likes to have a memory of a person. Cancer woman keeps her childhood toys and presents so she can remind of her early days. Try guessing something more creative than buying her flowers or chocolate. Everybody would think that the relationship between two zodiac signs from the same group would be easy to achieve.

It can be tricky to know that someone who are you with has the same good and the bad sides as you. Good sides are a plus, but the bad sides can be a problem.

Cancer & Virgo: Love Compatibility

The thing is, the Cancer man knows that he is shrewd and will do things only if they make him some benefit. Concluding, he would know that the Cancer woman is guided by the same principle. She would know that too, of course. This couple has to calculate the advantages of the relationship less and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. Hence, is the couple finds a common interest on a long-term basis, they will stay together.


They both are well grounded. There is no need for flirting with other people or having any deeper contact. The best thing is that they will stay loyal to each other no matter what. They will move on to a next relationship only when they are sure the last one is completely over.

The communication between two Cancers is pretty calm. Moments of quietness are a common situation in their home. It is necessary to be reticent from time to time. It is even better not to say a thing than say nonsense. This couple is more into actions.

She will make a coffee for two and they will enjoy a sunny Sunday morning together without the need to say a word. Cancers have periodical mood changes. It would be fine if those switches happen individually, but what when they have the switch at the same time?

Even though this couple is aware of the emotional side of the other person, it is somehow difficult to handle this situation. In these days, it is better to go to see a friend for a couple of hours or to visit a family. Being together will bring up the tension.

Cancer and Cancer - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

No zodiac sign wants a family as bad as the Cancer does. Cancer man will be a great father, but the Cancer woman is the best mother in the world. They care for their kids the most and would sacrifice everything for them. Still, this love can be excessive and lead to obsessivity. Two Cancers can be good friends or business partners.

As we mentioned above, they always have some weird type of calculations in their minds. If the contact brings them joy, positivity, or possibility to achieve good results at a job they will have a long-term cooperation.