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From the 6th, you can enjoy forward movement on your projects and initiatives and delays lifting. You feel more "in the loop" from this date on, and in a happier mental space particularly after the 12th. This can be a big idea month, and it's quite excellent for reaching out to others, although there can be times when you feel you have too much on your plate and you can be a little scattered as a result.

Dealing with errands and short trips may be more frequent, but can also lead to some nice opportunities. The and are some of the better dates for work and health endeavors. All month, however, you're feeling especially motivated to tackle projects that get you ahead in these areas.

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Mars in your solar sixth house revs you up and motivates you to take care of business. You're challenging yourself to do better.

Today's Libra Horoscope - Friday, December 28, 2018

You're bringing more muscle to your health and wellness or self-care programs, getting back into action or stepping up the pace. Your desire to initiate, lead, and work independently can stir up competition or conflict with others at times, and this is more likely on the and when you may want to tone things down or prepare yourself for a battle, depending on which you prefer at the moment!

Otherwise, you're motivated and self-starting, and this feels good. It's a time for pushing yourself to improve your health and fitness while being mindful that you don't overdo it. Or, you can be feeling quite pumped about getting organized. Difficulties with workload or excessive demands on you can now be acknowledged. Avoid overstrain and enjoy yourself as you get your life back into shape.

The 21st brings the Sun into your sector of home and family where Saturn and Pluto are already long-term guests, and this stimulates your domestic side further. As exciting as your projects and interactions have been in the past weeks, you're beginning to crave more downtime and the comfort of familiar settings.

Seeking a balance is helpful now, and the Full Moon just a day later helps you do just that.

Libra Horoscope - Love for January 23,

This lunation pulls your attention to a career or public matter, or a responsibility for which you're accountable. It's an excellent time for attracting attention for positive efforts or a good deed.

Otherwise, this Full Moon can reveal to you how vital meeting your responsibilities and thriving in the work you do or performing at your peak is to the rest of your life. You need to feel good about your performance so that other projects and endeavors to thrive, as well as to feel more comfortable in your personal life.

The third week of the month is also strong for handling a relationship matter so that you can move forward. The need to feel secure, rooted, and comfortable is especially strong for you in , dear Libra. More day-to-day contact with friends and family can be healing and pleasurable from November forward.

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Until then, you continue to enjoy building and growing your material resources. There can be a strong emphasis on comfort and the enjoyment of simple pleasures. Saturn has moved into hard aspect to your sign and into your solar sector of home and family and will remain here until This is a time for bringing more structure and discipline to your personal life.

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  8. This is a time for doing important work on your self-image, foundations, and domestic life that involves pruning, simplifying, and structuring. A friendly attitude will take you quite far.

    Libra Daily Horoscope

    Discover the wonderful world of Tarot! You have big plans in mind, and your dreams may be keeping you from paying close attention to the work that's in front of you. Don't let yourself get too stressed about it. You've never missed a deadline yet, so you know that, one way or another, you will get everything done.

    In the meantime, make a call to your travel agent and begin to make plans for your next getaway. Plaster your office with photos of exotic locations to satisfy your wanderlust for the time being. Our top advisors are waiting to guide you along your path to success.

    Planetary Row

    Your self-confidence could well be in the pits today. Mistakes from the past may come back to haunt you, and you may be momentarily overcome by fear that you'll make similar errors again.

    You won't, you have learnt your lesson and are now much more responsible with your finances. Force yourself to be objective before you make yourself crazy - it could cause you some problems on the job. Try to realize that you are unique and that you have skills and talents that set you apart from everyone.

    Succeed in love and find 'the one'. Go for the gold, and don't settle for anything less. There is a great deal of expansive energy available to you today that is urging you on to prosperity in every realm of your life.

    Take control of the situation and act on your emotions. You will have plenty to say for yourself today but make sure your words are not too aggressively phrased or you could make enemies it would be better not to have.

    You may be convinced of the rightness of your opinions but courtesy still matters. Sooner or later your feelings are going to come to the surface, no matter how hard you try to suppress them, so you might as well let them out now.

    Let those who have upset you in some way know why you feel so strongly about certain issues. People you deal with on a one-to-one basis are likely to be moody and obstructive today but you don't have to respond in kind.

    Make a point of being cheerful in all situations and with luck their mood will change for the better too. A method or routine that has served you well in the past is now outdated and if you don't change it soon you could get left behind. You may be reluctant to move with the times but once you start you will quickly see the benefits.

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    • Sabian Symbol!

    Something that amuses you today won't amuse those who see life from a more serious angle, but don't let that stop you having a few laughs. Some people are so ridiculously solemn that it can be hard to resist winding them up a bit.

    You cannot change the way the world works, much as you might like to, but you can change the way you interact with the world. If you can accept what happens today as just "one of those things" you will be well on the way to happiness.

    Libra Health & Wellness Horoscope

    You have gone out of your way in recent weeks to please other people, especially on the home front, and now you have every right to reward yourself with a little fun.

    What is it that turns you on the most? Do that today and nothing else.