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Put a little more effort into the wooing process.

Leo Horoscope Today - mginterpack.com

Pony up for a power lunch or invest in a graphic designer's services to make your presentation pop. Money could literally slip between your fingers if you're not careful today, Leo—and even if you are! A judgment-clouding opposition between the reactive moon and dreamy Neptune across your finance axis can tempt you to overspend or make an impulse purchase that you'll regret the minute you snip off the price tag.

Is it boredom or a sense of "emptiness"?

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Shopping isn't a real fix, but having to cough up the funds to pay the bill later will be a real pill. Harmless hookup—or a long slide down a slippery slope?

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Today's lusty mashup of firecracker Mars and "wounded healer" Chiron in your seduction house could spark a stronger-than-usual attraction to danger. You might think you've got it under control, but the irresistible allure of a bad boy or girl might be too hot for even you to handle, Leo.

While it's fine to flirt and play, be careful not to get in too deep too fast. Under today's explosive skies, even a casual connection could escalate into an unhealthy obsession. What can't you accomplish this Saturday, Leo?

With a clarifying quarter moon in Libra supercharging your collaborative, communicative third house, it's time to delegate! Cue up a motivating playlist and start emailing "assignments" to your squad.

Who's picking up the champagne, and who will confirm the car service and makeup artist for your NYE celebrations? Before you dive into your own to-do list, treat yourself to a power lunch at a healthy restaurant.

Leo Horoscope

Invite a friend along to brainstorm about evening plans. Who says you can't squeeze in one more fete? Sunday arrives with an unpredictable opposition of the moon in your expressive third house and rowdy Uranus in your brutally honest ninth house.

Are you auditioning to be a shock jock, Leo? Getting things out in the open is one thing; offending or repelling people, quite another. Who does this serve? Stop and reflect on that before you go too far.

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Keep your eyes peeled, this weekend, for an idea that seems logical but is grounded in assumptions. Bide your time before leaping into action. What kind of a year will it be?

Will you get what you've been wishing for?


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